Influence consideration for insurance products



Médis wants to influence consideration on its health insurance products.


On a highly competitive marketing context, Médis is sponsoring two known 10k races and wanted to engage in a more sustainable way with their runners and families. 

Running is an unstoppable trend, and our task was to mobilize runners across the country to positively engage with the brand!


Running needs training. Engage with runners since day one, with online coach and training tools.


Instead of engaging with runners just on the race day, Médis decided to act 12 weeks before, providing an online training website, with all the tools and content to help runners from different levels.

A certified coach was chatting with runners along this period, providing training plans and answering to questions from the audience.

Our work was to develop the strategy and implement the website, social campaigns, content and training sessions (led weekly by professional coaches). An online tool was launched to share workouts and runs on the community.


Medis was a daily companion to runners, achieving high engagement and positive influence on their lifestyle.


Whilst the training system and potential of technology changed the way the workouts are coached, the website was awarded by Sapo Tech and the online coach was promoted by TV (RTP) and publishing media (Cosmopolitan, Destak, Briefing, Imagens de Marca, Jornal i and Sábado magazine) as an innovation to the communities. 

There were runners who never ran before, completed a 10k race and now are running addicted, and the communities created still run together as friends on the streets of Lisbon and Estoril.