You want to cook like a chef? Engaging with the audience



Renascença, the leading radio in Portugal is reaching new audiences.


The biggest Radio Group in Portugal, with a 1.3M weekly listeners,  wanted to engage on a different way with their audiences.

Our task was to mobilise online communities around a new challenge: Learning how to cook!


Teach listeners how to cook like a masterchef.  Tips and tricks on how to impress your friends and family.


Along with world famous french chef Pierre Olivier, from the 5 stars Hotel Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, we launched a series about learning how to cook.

From shopping in local markets, as finding the right tools and cooking like a pro, we have launched live episodes, with video, audio and online recipes, where we invited actors, broadcasters and different chefs to cook with Renascença. 

Photo Credits: Kenton Thatcher


Live spots on the radio with actors, weekly program on the radio with Presenters and Guests and some viral recipes disclosed by famous Chefs.


With our episodes on the “Most Popular Videos” in Renascença homepage, we got thousands of listeners to participate and share their own of the disclosed recipes on a microsite developed for the campaign. Chocolate mousse with two ingredients, and signature Michelin Salmon dish recipes had high level of shares and views by the audience.