Unilever – Rexona

Do:More. Inspiring people and building awareness



Rexona, the leading deodorant brand  has evolved.


The 1.5B deodorant brand was launching a new campaign and product. As a brand that’s market leader in Portugal it had to remain true to the maximum protection and maximum efficacy perception, but also connecting people emotionally to the product.

Our task was to mobilise online communities and rally them around the brand’s call to action Do:More.


The connection to the product had to be not only emotional, but physical.


We developed a concept to help people start running, stay on track and have fun along the way. We got renowned national Coach Tomaz Morais to design the challenge where runners could share achievements and challenge friends to Do:More.

Our moto: “What do you need to start running?” was highly spread through the social channels, and people were inviting their best friends to run with them, all powered by Rexona.


Rexona launched with a notorious success and high level of awareness and engagement.


With more then 2,5M unique impressions on Facebook, this campaign generated spontaneous editorial non-paid media (Activa, Económico, Lux Woman, Renascença, Sapo and Sol), and 12.000 runners checked in and shared their races online.